Event Host Information

Our event Hosts, including Game Masters, Dungeon Masters, and all the others who run scheduled games, are vital to our success! Can you run a game this year?

Event Submission Guidelines

Event submission will open on May 15th. Please join us on Discord to stay notified on if this date ever changes.

Both registration for the convention and event submissions are handled via Tabletop.Events.


You’ll need to create a login on TableTop.Events, then pick Dragonflight GameCon from the list of available conventions. Then click the “submit events” button, and you’ll be directed to a simple form for submitting your event.

Need a little help? Look here for instructions on how to buy your Dragonflight GameCon badge, how to sign up for games, and submit your own games.


Most of our events fit into one of these categories:

  • Board games / Card Games
  • Role-playing (RPG)
  • Miniatures games
  • Wargames
  • LARP (live action role-playing)
  • Seminar
  • Other

Event Host Rewards

We offer two levels of rewards for Hosts, based on hours worked:

Rewards for Game Hosting:

10  hrs. of scheduled games* admission**
18 hrs. of scheduled games* admission** + t-shirt

* Only scheduled games, approved by staff count toward this reward. The games have to actually run, with real players showing up.

**The Admission refund does not include any hotel costs or other fees. T-shirt rewards are limited to quantity and sizes on hand at the convention.

Claiming Your Reward

To claim your reward, for the time blocks you worked, you must obtain a signature on your game sign-up sheet from the staff manager or area coordinator (e.g. Board Games coordinator) where you worked, and submit it to the registrar on Sunday. It is your responsibility to do this. We do not refund bus fare, parking, tolls, hotel fees, airfare, membership fees or any other expenses.

Choosing your Event Description

Your event description needs to be brief (350 characters maximum) as it appears in a printed convention program with hundreds of other events, but it needs to entice the target audience you want as players in your event. Don’t use the event description to teach the rules, but to answer the questions a potential player might have. Do I have to have played this before? Do I need to bring my own character or army? Am I the right age to participate in this event? Would this be fun to play?


Choosing your Event Duration

Our events are scheduled using 1-hour Time Blocks. Games must end 10 minutes before the next time block to give players time to reach their next game and to allow time for setup. Longer events can span multiple time blocks. You choose the starting time and how many time blocks your event will run.

Multi-Round Events

A multi-round event, such as a tournament where only the winners can advance, should be entered as a separate event for each round but allow signup only for the first round. A description in one might be something like “This is the semi-finals of the Axis and Allies tournament which started at 7 PM Friday. Winning teams from Friday automatically advance to this round, no sign-up is required”.

A multi-round event that allows new players to join on any round should be entered as a separate event for each round, and each should require sign-up.

Younger Players

Most Dragonflight GameCon events are geared toward adult or young adult players. It takes considerable skill, as a game master, to run such an event with a child player in a way that is positive for the child without detracting from the enjoyment of the older players. Keep this in mind if a parent asks whether your event is suitable for their child.

If your event is geared for younger players then check the appropriate box during event submission and perhaps bring attention to that in the event description.


Mature Themes

Events with mature themes are not suitable for our regular gaming spaces but may be run in a conference meeting room. Contact your Area Event Coordinator to discuss options. We are happy to list such events (suitably worded) on our schedule.

Event Approval

Our staff may edit your event before it is approved and published on our Event List. You can make changes to your event description or other details for 24 hours after you submit it, or until it gets approved, whichever comes first. If you require changes to your event after it is approved you need to contact the convention.


All players must have a convention badge. You, the GM, are in the best position to enforce this rule, even if it is uncomfortable for you. If someone has lost or forgotten their badge please send them to the Registration Desk. If you feel you can’t enforce this rule yourself please locate a Staff member to assist in the issue. A “Visitor” Badge allows someone to walk through the convention and observe, but not play in events. Some younger players may be accompanied by a non-paying adult wearing a Visitor Badge. A Staff Badge or Vendor Badge is acceptable for playing in events.