Dragonflight GameCon is run by volunteers. Without them there would be no convention. We offer our deepest gratitude to all our volunteers, those who have helped in the past and those who are currently helping with the convention. Our hats are off to all of them. Many people have, over the years, worked tirelessly to ensure that our attendees enjoy a fun-filled weekend.

About Volunteering

There are  tasks/activities, that take place throughout the year as well as during the con, that help bring our convention to fruition. Those tasks/activities are performed by volunteers. Many people volunteer throughout the year or at times other than during the convention. To volunteer, contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Rewards for volunteering:

8T-shirt or Tote bag
12Admission Refund*
16All of the Above*

*The admission refund is only for the convention fee and does not include any hotel costs, or other fees. Only the 16 hour level includes all the items. T-shirt and tote bag rewards are limited to quantity and sizes on hand at the convention.

Claiming your reward

To claim your reward, obtain a signature (for the hours you worked) from the staff manager or appropriate area coordinator. Then submit your hours to the registrar on Sunday. It is your responsibility to do this. We do not refund bus fare, parking, tolls, hotel fees, airfare or any other expenses.

Event Hosts vs Volunteers?

Event Hosts are volunteers. They are specialized volunteers. They run the games and events that make up the really fun part of the convention. Time requirements for Event Hosts differ from those of regular volunteers. See Event Host Info.