The first Dragonflight convention in 1980 resulted from an interaction between members of The Brass Dragon Society, a Seattle role-playing group, and members of Western Washington Wargamers. The interaction between two groups with divergent activities lead to the broad spectrum of gaming we now have. For more than two decades the convention was held at Seattle University. Now the convention is held in a Bellevue hotel, most recently the Bellevue Hilton.


In 1990, a group of Dragonflight members proposed joining with the Simulation Gaming Association, a campus gaming group at the University of Washington, to create Metro Seattle Gamers, a gaming experience which is one of the nation’s few self-supporting clubhouses devoted to the gaming hobby. The club site was in the Ballard area of Seattle until 2007, in the Interbay district until 2017, and is now located at the Nickerson Marina.


Dragonflight GameCon, the annual convention in Bellevue, and Metro Seattle Gamers, the year-round clubhouse in Seattle, operate as two self-supporting divisions of the non-profit incorporated as Dragonflight Inc.


Over the years, many area gaming organizations, companies, and individuals have worked as volunteers to make the convention a success. Throughout its history, it’s volunteers that have made Dragonflight great. If you’ve attended our convention or enjoyed a day at the clubhouse, you can thank a volunteer. They are the ones who make it happen.