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Dragonflight Staff Email

Note on Email Addresses:

We have removed the links from our contact page, and elsewhere from our website in an effort to reduce the amount of spam received by staff. To email any of our staff, just add “” to the end of the address listed and send it on the way.

Convention Director Amy Gembala conventiondirector
IT Director Tom Millard technology
Pre-Con Registration Manager Amy Gembala registration
Registration Manager Rose Hurban registration
Dealer Coordinator Roberta Miller dealers
Youth/Children Games Coordinator Laura Mortensen events
Board Games Coordinator Walter Lutsch boardgames
War Games Coordinator Geoff Phipps wargames
Card Games Coordinator Walter Lutsch cardgames
Miniature Games Coordinator vacant miniatures
Role Playing Games Coordinator Mark Walters events
LARP Coordinator vacant larp
Board Game Library Michael Diamond info
Volunteer Coordinator Andrea Wasson volunteers
Auctioneer Scott Hill auction
Auction Coordinator Chase B auction
Social Media Vacant media
Marketing, Advertising and Media Inquiries Vacant marketing

Social Media

Dragonflight also maintains a social media presence. These sites are often the best way to find out about upcoming events and Dragonflight updates.