Board of Directors

Dragonflight is a 501(c)7 non-profit guided by a 5-member Board of Directors. The directors are elected to staggered 3-year terms by the membership. The board appoints various officers (President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, etc.) to carry out day to day activities.

Scheduled bi-monthly board meetings may be attended by the general membership. Non-members may attend only if invited to do so by an officer or board member. Occasionally a portion of a board meeting is an Executive Session during which general members are asked to leave the room.

Scheduled bi-monthly board meetings are held at:

Metro Seattle Gamers
1080 West Ewing Place, Suite 200D
Seattle, WA 98119

Tentative dates for 2019 are the 2nd weekend of January, March, May, July, September, and November.


The current directors and their last year of office are:

Mark Walters, Chair, 2019
Cory Rueb , Vice Chair, 2019
David Wyman, 2020
Amy Gembala, 2020
Amy Wyman, 2020