Dragonflight 42: the Meaning of Life convention poster

GAMECON 42: The Meaning of Life

Online badge sales are suspended, but in-person badges are still available at the door!

Vaccinated dragon wearing covid mask

2022 Covid 19 Policy

Masks are required for all attendees during Con

Proof of vaccination is required at entry

If you have symptoms and cannot attend, reach out for a refund or ticket deferral

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Photo Doug Ende 2015, used with permission.

We have held the Dragonflight Convention every year since 1980, and we have run Metro Seattle Gamers, Seattle’s premier year-round tabletop gaming club since 1990.

Both are funded by fees paid by participants. Our non-profit structure and volunteer operation maximizes the fun you get out of every dollar. So explore our pages to see what you might enjoy playing, what you might enjoy running, or what you might enjoy volunteering to help with. And may the dice roll ever in your favor!

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