COVID-19 Update
Dragonflight BabyCon Cancelled

Dear Dragonflight Community,

After some additional negotiations with the hotel we have been allowed to cancel our contract for 2020. Cancelling the con was our original intention but we were prevented from doing that by our contract. BabyCon was a compromise between Dragonflight and the hotel. It was technically possible that King County could be in Phase 4 of reopening by the time of the con (although highly unlikely). If we had cancelled back in April when we originally began to discuss the possibility and then the county reached Phase 4 by Aug 14, we would have been obligated to pay a substantial financial penalty. By planning for a smaller event, we could feasibly hold a safer event if King County entered Phase 4, and we could cancel if it did not.

Since we announced the BabyCon a week ago, it came to our attention that another convention which was originally planned for the month after Dragonflight was permitted to cancel outright by the hotel. We used this information to leverage a cancellation of our event. We feel that this is the best option to protect the safety of our con attendees and staff.

Currently we are discussing the possibility of hosting an on-line event in the late summer. More information will be available as we have it.

For those who have already purchased badges for the convention, we can offer three options:

1) Push your convention badge to 2021 (preferred)

2) Donate the cost of your badge to the organization

3) Refund of your convention badge

We are asking you to consider pushing your badge to 2021 as we do not yet know what the full financial impact of cancelling the convention will be. While the organization is not-for-profit and volunteer run and our overhead is low, we do have ongoing expenses for storage, Metro Seattle Gamers, and IT/software fees. However, we understand that many people are dealing with a financial crisis due to the virus shutdowns and want to do the right thing for our attendees.

If you wish to push your badge, you do not need to do anything. If you would prefer a refund or to donate your badge fees, please contact us at

We will be spending the upcoming summer and fall on infrastructure projects within the convention, such as systems training, documentation, and volunteer/staff recruitment. If you would like to volunteer, we are always looking for dedicated people to help us run Dragonflight GameCon 2021! Please contact me at if you are interested in getting involved.

Thank you for your continued support. Keep gaming.

Amy Gembala
Convention Director
Dragonflight President


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Photo Doug Ende 2015, used with permission.