Call for Volunteers

This is from Nancy White, our volunteer coordinator.

To all our Dragonflight members:

I’m sure you’ve all heard we are a completely volunteer run organization. We have a small staff that works hard to provide our membership with a weekend of exceptional game playing opportunities, but we can’t do it all alone. Right now we have several tasks/jobs that need to be filled. If you are so inclined to help, please contact us at Some of the jobs would take just a few hours, and we’d really appreciate your help. But, if you’re interested in more than a few hours, we can put you to work. See our site for our reward program. You could even have your admission (not membership dues) reimbursed. We promise you, we’re never going to ask people to clean toilets or anything like that.

Again, if you’re interested in helping at the convention, please contact us at

Here is a list with some of the jobs that we need to fill:

  • Dealer room assistance
  • Game Library
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Kids Program
  • Set up (before the convention)
  • Tear down (after the convention)
  • Registration
  • Auction


Dragonflight Board of Directors election

Candidate electioneering is prohibited at the registration desk or within ten (10) feet of the ballot box

Last year there was electioneering in and around the registration desk, this could be perceived as official support for a particular candidate. Dragonflight as an organization does not support any candidate except by a specific Board action at an open meeting. The registration area and the ballot box are to be considered neutral territory and the wearing of tee shirts, pins, hats or other candidate support items is to be avoided by registration staff while on duty at the registration desk. The placement of signs or other candidate advocacy materials other than the official submitted candidate statement is not allowed at the registration desk or within ten (10) feet of the ballot box.  

Metro Seattle Gamers

Since 1990 Dragonflight has operated a year-round gaming club in Seattle, called Metro Seattle Gamers, currently located at 1600 Armory Way South #C-106. The club house has multiple tables and ample room for large wargames There is an extensive game library along with space for games to be stored mid game and resumed later. Besides wargames, miniatures, and board games it has often been used by weekly roleplaying groups. It serves a community of gamers, perhaps gamers like you.

Like the convention, members pay to attend MSG. Fees vary by the evening, by the day, or by the month. A first time visit is free, so check it out.

For location, hours, and schedule of events go to:

Metro Seattle Gamers


Photos copyright Mark Walters 2015, used with permission.

Convention 08.25-27.2017

Dragonflight 2017 is a 3-day celebration of tabletop gaming, with Board Games, Miniatures, Roleplaying and more.

At a Glance:

Starts 12:30 PM Friday August 25, 2017 and runs continuously until 6 PM Sunday.

Adult Admission Rates

The rate for a 3-day convention badge is dependent on when you complete your purchase. The convention is by members and for members. The rates shown here include $10 for a calendar-year membership in Dragonflight. If you purchased membership earlier in the year please contact registration to obtain a discount code for your ticket.

If you experience any difficulties, or have any registration questions, please contact the Registration Manager listed on our Convention Contacts page.

online thru June 10 $45
online thru Aug 24 $50
at the door $60

Adult single-day rates (available on-line and at the door): Friday $30, Saturday $40, Sunday $25


Children 12 and under are admitted free in the company of a paying adult.

Location: Bellevue Hilton (300 112th Ave SE, Bellevue WA)


Photo copyright Edmund Metheny 2015, used with permission.