RPG Marathon

RPG Marathon Benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital

This year at the convention Dragonflight will host an RPG marathon to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital.  All proceeds from the marathon will go to Seattle Children’s Hospital. The marathon will run on Saturday, August 26th from 11:00am to 11:00pm

Current Teams

Donations are collected and distributed by Extra Life.

To donate to the RPG Marathon, click on a team page below. Then either pick someone from the team roster or go to their page directly and click the blue DONATE button on the team member’s personal page. Donations will go towards the team member’s personal page as well as the team total. There is currently no way to donate to an entire team, so you do need to pick a participant to donate to a specific team.

Critically Lit


Friday Knights


Nerds in the Dark


Odd Squad


The Hudsucker Enlightenment



How it Works

Teams of 5-6 players will compete to see who can last the longest at playing the RPG of their choice. Teams will raise money to participate, and prizes will be given for both the longest lasting team, and the team that raises the most money for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

RPG teams that sign-up are encouraged to solicit donation pledges in their team’s name. Please keep track of pledges and arrange to collect donations before the convention. We have an online form for donations below and will accept in-person pledge donations at the convention.

If you are interested in forming a team please send the request to marketing@dragonflight.org and we will send you a team sign-up form. Once the form has been approved you and your team members are free to purchase badges (if needed) and sign up for the event. Space is limited.

Convention Registration for the RPG Marathon

There is a special $10 badge for participants who wish to only participate in the marathon (and nothing else).  A 3-day or Saturday-only pass will also allow you to participate.