Dragonflight Auction

We are happy to continue the Dragonflight Auction in 2018. If you’ve got some old gaming stuff that you don’t want anymore, or if you’re looking for great deals on used or out-of-print games, be sure to leave some room in your convention schedule for this very popular event!


Auction Intake

Auction intake will take place on Friday from 9am to 4pm, and Saturday from 9am to noon. You will need to complete an auction intake form for each lot that you wish to sell. Auction intake forms will be available at the convention, or you can complete forms in advance using this link. Each lot must be boxed, bagged or tied securely so that no stray pieces can fall out or get separated from the lot. Please disclose if a game is missing components, and clearly denote any games intended as “for parts”. If you are selling more than 5 lots, please contact in advance of the convention. Please note that copyrights will be respected, and no homemade copies will be accepted for sale. We reserve the right to refuse lots for sale for any reason.

You need to have a full 3-day badge to sell at the Auction.

Auction Intake Form

This auction intake form is intended for Dragonflight attendees to complete in advance of the con. Please complete one form entry per lot. After August 19, 2018 we will close the online form. However you can still sell using the paper forms that will be available at the convention.


Dragonflight is happy to accept items for donation to the auction, but the items should be complete and in reasonably good condition. For donations, 100% of the auction fees go back to the Dragonflight organization. Donations are not tax deductible.

Silent Auction

From 5pm to 8pm on Friday and 1pm to 8pm on Saturday, the auction lots will be available for preview in room King County 2. A number of lots will also have a Quick Sale price that you can purchase right then and there, first come first served.

A general silent auction will occur from 1pm to 8pm on Saturday, and one for family games will occur during the live auction on Sunday morning.

The Auction

The Dragonflight auction will take place in the King County Room on Sunday, August 26th, from 9am to 1pm, or when all the lots have been auctioned off or unsold. All unsold lots will come across the block a second time at the end of the auction for a last-chance sale, and consigners can lower the reserve price on their lots if they desire for this second pass. This is a live auction, and you are obligated to pay for any item for which you place the highest bid. There will be a viewing of items prior to the auction. Caveat emptor: returns are not possible and all items are as-is.

In general, you are expected to pay for the item directly after each item is sold. However for established bidders who expect to purchase many lots, we can arrange for a tab to be paid with cash or a credit card. The tab must be paid in full immediately after the end of the auction. Contact the convention director by August 19 if you wish to arrange for a tab.

You need to have either a 3-day or Sunday-only badge to buy at the Auction.

After the Auction

Dragonflight retains 20% of the final selling price of each lot sold, out of which all applicable sales taxes are paid; resulting in approximately 10% of the price of the items sold at the auction being used to fund future activities of Dragonflight. Any money that is due to sellers will be remitted at the auction desk in the King County Room as soon as possible following the close of the auction. Payments at the convention will be in the form of cash; if you cannot pick up the money owed to you, a check will be mailed out shortly after the convention, and you should receive it within two weeks. Any questions or concerns regarding payment should be directed to the Dragonflight Treasurer and President.

The auctioneer is licensed and bonded with the State of Washington.