General Gaming Events

We are using the site TableTop.Events for Dragonflight 2017′s signup and schedule.  You can see the current schedule of games here.

Special Events/Tournaments

RPG Marathon Benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital

See the RPG Marathon Page for details.

Boffer Battle

Dragonflight is sponsoring a special event at the Convention with Foam Sword Parties (run by Chris Ewick of The Games Matrix): Boffer Battle! 

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in a huge medieval battle like in the movies? Now you can live it yourself! We will have a huge selection of weapons for you to choose from: swords, axes, javelins, maces, spears, shields and more! Battles are officiated by our staff to maintain a safe and fun environment. This event is open to all ages! 

The event is happening at 7pm-9pm on Friday (Aug 25) and Saturday (Aug 26). No sign up necessary, just show up and beat your friends without mercy. Strong men shall blanch. Winter is coming.  Location: In the parking lot to the left of the lobby entrance.

Cost: Regular badge

Catan National Qualifier

Dragonflight will be hosting an official Catan US Nationals Qualifier Tourney. The Tournament Winner will get a trip to the 2018 Catan US Nationals Tournament at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. The Catan US National Champion will move on to the 2018 Catan World Championship in Germany. For details, contact For general info on Qualifier Tournaments, visit Catan Studio.

Cost: Regular or Tournament badge + $10 event ticket

The Ghostly Galleon by Hourglass Escapes – Puzzle Room Multiple Time Slots
Famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteaudian has been trapped on the legendary Ghost ship of the Banshee Buccaneer.

You have just 60 minutes to help Jacques break the Buccaneers curse before he sinks with the ship and becomes a disembodied deckhand and swabs the poop-deck for eternity!

Cost: Regular badge + $25 event ticket

Horus Heresy: Tides of the Corrupted Narrative Two Day Tournament
The climax of the Tides of the Corrupted event series! No previous experience necessary! Three color paint minimum on all models, no bare plastic please. We are accepting 3000 point lists as well as Zone Mortalis lists. Prizes for Best Painted, Best Heretic, and Best Loyalist trophies and more.

Cost: Regular or Tournament badge + $30 event ticket 

Kings of War: Clash of Storms Two Day Tournament
Latest Clash of Kings rule-pack is being used. Scenario winner starts at 15-5 on the 20-nil scale. The tournament consists of 6 games over the course of 2 days. Scenarios will be listed the day of the event. 2000 Point Army Lists. Prizes include Best Painted and Best Overall Trophies and more.

Cost: Regular or Tournament badge + $30 event ticket

Magic the Gathering: Sealed Tournament
Players will be provided with 6 packs (3 Amonkhet, 3 Hour of Devastation) and as many basic land cards as needed to build a 40 card deck. Players will play a 4 round (best 2-out-of-3 games) Swiss-style tournament with hour-long rounds. Prizes include packs, deck boxes, sleeves, playmats and more!

Cost: Regular or Tournament Badge + $25 event ticket

Star Wars X-Wing 100 Point Dogfight Tournament
100 point X-Wing dogfight. Please have your list ready for review. Prizes include Dragonflight Champion Trophy, gift certificates, Fantasy Flight official tournament support, and a custom painted ship.

Cost: Regular or Tournament badge + $10 event ticket