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We're trying something different and starting pre-sales of one-day tickets during pre-registration this year. We've gotten several requests from people who can only come one day but don't want to pay the full cost of the three-day badge. ...

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Calling For Volunteers!

Hello Everyone,

We are looking for some great folks to join our convention staff. We have been working hard and there are so many exciting things coming this year we need more hands on deck. There will be job opportunities for Coordinators, Crew, and Specialists.

We have job descriptions and a sign up process for each type so that if you are interested in helping out and want to find something that fits your schedule, we can totally work with that.

Coordinators are practically year round staff, volunteers who facilitate a lot of the mechanics of how the convention functions.

Crew are mostly on site convention help to make sure that all the different departments of the convention run smoothly. Flexible schedule and a lot of support.

Specialists are very specific roles that fulfill a singular function either prior to or during the convention, sometimes both. They usually require some form of expertise in a particular area and have a specific scheduling need.

I will be posting up available Coordinator, Crew, and Specialists positions in three separate posts so that you can review their job descriptions and submit to the ones you would be interested. We of course would love to see all of these positions filled as it means more people at the table and the more we can accomplish for the convention.

Thank you for your consideration,
Dragonflight Staff

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