Dealer Info

Dealers are a vital part of Dragonflight for the demos and tournaments they run, the enthusiastic players and GMs they encourage to attend, and the generous prize support many give. We are committed to providing our dealers with an environment at the convention in which they can succeed.


Dragonflight has a Dealer room, which is locked at night, and limited locations around the hotel for additional dealer tables.

Dealer Contact

If you have questions about being a dealer at Dragonflight, please contact the Dealer Coordinator listed on our Convention Contacts page.

Dealer Application

If you are interested in applying as a dealer for Dragonflight 39, please contact the Dealer Coordinator listed on our Convention Contacts page.

Dealer Tables

Table space in the dealer areas costs $125 per 6 feet of table space. Each dealer package includes:

  • Two admission badges for the first table and one additional badge for each additional table. These are full admissions so if you want a break to attend an event, go for it!

Dealers may choose between space in the ballroom with the boardgames or in the entry hall. One section of the ballroom will be locked at night. Most dealers in the ballroom will be in this section and will not have to move merchandise.

Advertising in the Convention Program

We offer advertising space in our convention program, which provides the greatest exposure for your business. The pre-paid rates are as follows:

Space Per Program Convention Program Cost*
Quarter-page ad $30.00
Half-page ad $60.00
Full-page ad $100.00
Two-page ad $160.00
Cover-page ad** $150.00

* We must receive your ad by July 15th for it to appear in the convention program.

** This advertisement appears on either the inside front, inside back, or outside back cover.

Advertising Trades

If you run a suitable Pacific Northwest convention, please contact our Marketing Manager listed in our Convention Contacts page for ad trade arrangements.


Sales Tax, Business Licenses and More

  • All dealers must have a valid Washington State business license.
  • Dealers are responsible for their own sales tax.
  • Dragonflight and the Bellevue Hilton Hotel are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • All dealer staff must register for the convention (you get two free registrations; additional ones must be paid).
  • Space is limited to a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Dragonflight does not keep ads from last year. You need to resubmit your ad each year.

Additionally, businesses located outside of Washington need to obtain a Temporary Business License from the state. These forms can be filled out online and are located at This should be done a few months before the convention, as you will need to provide Dragonflight with your Universal Business Identifier (UBI) number, assigned by the state at least 20 days prior to the convention.

Photos copyright Edmund Metheny 2015, used with permission.