Event Signup

Online Player Signup

Registered Dragonflight 39 attendees will be able to sign up to play games in advance of the convention. We expect to turn on that functionality in July, once there are games in the game database.

In Tabletop.Events a seat in a game is referred to as a ticket. Some tournaments require an extra fee to participate but for the majority of the games happening at Dragonflight tickets are free. In order to give everyone a fair shot at getting in to the games they most want to play we ask that you limit your pre-registrations to four games as has been the tradition for Dragonflight.

If you haven’t done so already, you can register for the con at Tabletop.Events and sign up to play as soon as we open game sign ups! We will be closing online player signups shortly before the convention. After that you will need to sign up for events at the convention on paper.



Game Signup at the Convention

After the online player signup period is over, your next opportunity to signup for games is at the convention. We reserve 25% of each game’s slots for in-person player signup at the convention. When you arrive at the convention, every game more than a few hours away still has available seats.

At the convention, Dragonflight staff will post paper signup sheets in each gaming area a few hours before each Time Block. Attendees can sign up for any empty slots in those games. Remember that there are also games in the printed schedule which do not need signup and will not have signup sheets. Do not sign up for multiple games in the same time slot. Do not leave games early. If you must leave, please coordinate this with the game host as early as possible, to minimize disruptions.

I am So Late! Can I Play Games at the Con? Yes. We withhold a portion of submitted game seats to ensure adequate space for late convention registrations. Head over to the area you want to play (RPGs, Board Games, etc.) and find the paper signup sheet for the game you would like to play. Sign up on one of the blank lines. If it’s full, and shows “alternates” or a “wait list”, you can put your name there. This way, if someone doesn’t show up, you can get in (in order of the wait list).

Can I Submit a Game At The Con? Yes. Just find the coordinator or other Dragonflight staff, fill out a blank event signup sheet, and place in the appropriate area so fellow attendees can sign up for your game. This is of course based on availability of table space; the area coordinator will be glad to help you. The area coordinator has the final word on available space. There are also open gaming tables available to throw together a last minute game.

Can I Change My Signups? Yes. Locate the sign-up sheet for the game you no longer want to play; cross out your name and initial the change. Then locate the sign-up sheet for the game you DO want to play and add your name to the list of players.

Happy Gaming!

Stock illustration “Knight Fighting Dragon” © Dusan Kostic | Dreamstime.com. Used with permission.