Policies & Rules

Anti-Harassment Policy

Dragonflight GameCon strives to ensure a positive, welcoming, harassment-free experience for all of our members, attendees, and guests. Regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, etc., each person deserves to enjoy their time free of harassment or the worry of harassment.

Dragonflight will not tolerate harassment by or towards our membership, or those attending Dragonflight events. If you are the victim of harassment, please tell a staff member, easily identified by their kiwi-green shirts and red staff badges. We will work with you to decide on what steps should be taken.

Attendees (including guests, vendors & volunteers) violating these rules may be warned, removed from events, expelled from the premises, or have their Dragonflight membership revoked. The specific response will be at the discretion of Dragonflight GameCon staff.


What is Harassment?

Rather than attempt to define and codify specific behaviors, Dragonflight defines harassment by the intent and effect of the behavior.

Intent – Any deliberate behavior which disrupts, disturbs, intimidates or otherwise makes another feel unwelcome, unsafe, or uncomfortable will be construed as intentional harassment.

Effect – Lacking intent does not mean the behavior is acceptable. Unintentionally unacceptable behavior will sink to the level of harassment if it continues after it has been pointed out or despite requests to stop.

We value your attendance and want you to feel safe for the duration of the event.

If you are asked to cease any behavior by another attendee, please honor their request. If you are asked by a member of staff to stop, stop.

We expect participants to follow these rules at all Dragonflight events and venues, and convention-related social events.


This policy regarding harassment is based on an example from the Geek Feminism wiki created by the Ada Initiative and other volunteers. We also drew inspiration from policies found at Nine Worlds and XP2014.

Convention Rules

  1. Convention name badges are to be worn at all times while in the convention areas. Do not lose your badge. Replacements may cost full price. Only persons with badges will be admitted to events. Event hosts are responsible for ensuring that this policy is followed.
  2. Smoking is not allowed in any public areas. Smoking is permitted outside, but not within 25 feet of doors or open windows, as required by Washington State Law.
  3. The alcohol policy states that people 21 years of age or older may have and consume alcoholic beverages in their rooms and in the hotel bar. Per Washington State Law, persons under the age of 21 are prohibited from having alcohol in their possession. Alcoholic beverages purchased outside of the hotel may not be consumed in any public areas; this includes in hallways and outdoors. Groups desiring to host a special event at the convention in which alcoholic beverages will be served are required to get permission from the convention in writing before holding such an event. Anyone drinking alcoholic beverages purchased outside of the hotel  in the gaming areas or deemed to be inebriated will be asked to leave the gaming area.
  4. Some of our guests enjoy wearing costumes at the convention. Be advised that convention policy does not allow persons to wear uniforms from the last 100 years unless these are active duty personnel in duty uniform. We do not have a costume ball or similar event.
  5. Hazardous ornaments, weapons, costume weapons and similar devices are not allowed inside the convention, unless they are part of a special event cleared in advance in writing by both the convention and the Hilton Hotel. Persons wearing such items will be asked to remove them.
  6. Event jumping is discourteous. Please do not leave an event early to play in another event.
  7. Live-action gaming is only acceptable in the designated LARP areas and as part of scheduled events. No live games involving running on or around the premises and/or brandishing weapons, such as Laser Tag, are authorized, unless they are sanctioned events conducted under supervision.
  8. Children are welcome at Dragonflight GameCon, provided they are under reasonable supervision; under no circumstances should you assume that a game host is there to babysit your children. It is at the game host’s discretion whether or not children are allowed to play at their table(s). Any game age restrictions are listed in the program. Know where your children are, and make sure they know where you are. Set a specific time and place to meet whenever you and your children are going to be in different places for even a few minutes. Have a code phrase/action in place with your child in the event you need to send someone else to retrieve them from another part of the convention on your behalf. Ultimate responsibility for your children’s safety lies with you; Dragonflight GameCon and the Hilton Hotel will do the best we can to support you in that goal. Should a crisis arise, contact our staff or the hotel at once.
  9. We are guests of the Hilton Hotel and are expected to behave as such. You are responsible for what you do and have to pay for what you damage, and may face civil or criminal charges. The definition of unauthorized activities is subject to the discretion of the Convention Director, members of the Dragonflight Board of Directors, Officers of the Dragonflight Corporation, and the Hilton Hotel staff. These people have the authority to arrange the removal of anyone who engages in unauthorized activities. The convention staff has posted a Code of Conduct at the registration desk, and all attendees are expected to follow the Code or risk removal from the convention.

Photo copyright Edmund Metheny 2015, used with permission.