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Game Sign Ups Are Live for Dragonflight 39

Registered Dragonflight 39 attendees can now sign up to play games in advance of the convention.

In Tabletop.Events a seat in a game is referred to as a ticket. In order to give everyone a fair shot at getting in to the games they most want to play we ask that you limit your pre-registrations to four games as has been the tradition for Dragonflight. Please note that per our standard practice, we reserve 25% of seats/tickets for all games for sign up at the convention.

If you haven’t done so already, you can register for the con at Tabletop.Events and sign up to play!



Dragonflight Board of Directors election

Candidate electioneering is prohibited at the registration desk or within ten (10) feet of the ballot box

Last year there was electioneering in and around the registration desk, this could be perceived as official support for a particular candidate. Dragonflight as an organization does not support any candidate except by a specific Board action at an open meeting. The registration area and the ballot box are to be considered neutral territory and the wearing of tee shirts, pins, hats or other candidate support items is to be avoided by registration staff while on duty at the registration desk. The placement of signs or other candidate advocacy materials other than the official submitted candidate statement is not allowed at the registration desk or within ten (10) feet of the ballot box.