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Play And Win Games

At this year’s convention, we have a number of games, brand-new in the box that you can Play and Win.  How does Play and Win work?  It’s really simple!  Sign up and play the game. When the game is done and the game is returned, everyone who played will receive a raffle ticket to win that game. There will be a drawing to determine who will take the game home.

Below is a list of games available, as well as a link to gameplay on YouTube.

Adrenaline: First Person Shooter Boardgame Play and Win
Batman Fluxx: Play and Win
Chrononauts: Card Game of Time Travel Play and Win
Codenames Pictures: Picture Party Game Play and Win
Codenames: Word Party Game Play and Win
Euphoria Build A Better Dystopia Play and Win
Kill Doctor Lucky Play and Win
Scythe: 4x Game in Alternate History Play and Win
Tak: A Kingkiller Chronicle Game Play and Win
Unexploded Cow: Mad cows and unexploded bombs Play and Win
Viticulture: Worker Placement Tuscan Vineeyard Play and Win

Catan National Qualifier at Dragonflight

Dragonflight will be hosting an official Catan US Nationals Qualifier Tourney. The Tournament Winner will get a trip to the 2018 Catan US Nationals Tournament at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. The Catan US National Champion will move on to the 2018 Catan World Championship in Germany. For details, contact For general info on Qualifier Tournaments, visit Catan Studio.

Cost: Regular or Tournament badge + $10 event ticket

Game Sign-Ups Are Live

Registered Dragonflight 38 attendees can now sign up to play games in advance of the convention.

In Tabletop.Events a seat in a game is referred to as a ticket. Some tournaments require an extra fee to participate but for the majority of the games happening at Dragonflight tickets are free. In order to give everyone a fair shot at getting in to the games they most want to play we ask that you limit your pre-registrations to four games as has been the tradition for Dragonflight.

If you haven’t done so already, you can register for the con at Tabletop.Events and sign up to play!

Game Host Raffle – Ends June 25

Calling all game hosts! Player sign-ups for games at Dragonflight will begin on June 25.

As a special incentive, all game hosts who submit a game before June 25th will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 game store gift certificate. Each game you submit will earn one entry to the raffle. You must run the game to be eligible to collect your prize.

If you are interested in participating in the raffle we encourage you to register for the convention, and sign up to host games within the Tabletop.Events system now. You can sign up to run games after June 25, but these will not be eligible for the raffle. 

For information about other incentives for game hosts, please see our event host info page.

Event Submissions Live!

Calling all GMs! Event submissions are open for Dragonflight 38!

Now is a good time to register for the convention, and get your events set up in the system.

Both registration for the convention and event submissions are up and running via Tabletop.Events. This year you’ll both buy tickets to the convention through this site, as well as sign up to host games or play games.


You’ll need to create a login on TableTop.Events, then pick Dragonflight 38 from the list of available conventions. Then click the “submit events” button, and you’ll be directed to a simple form for submitting your event.

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact us.

Registration is live!

Registration for Dragonflight is live via Tabletop.Events. This year you’ll both buy tickets to the convention through this site, as well as sign up to host games or play games.


You’ll need to create a login on TableTop.Events, then pick Dragonflight 38 from the list of available conventions. We hope this consolidated system is easy to use and effective at getting you to your games as easily as possible.