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Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors

We have two seats on the Board of Directors up for election this year.

One is a regular three-year term. Whoever is elected will serve from 1 January 2018 through 31 December 2020. The seat is currently held by Sarah Samurai.

The other is a short-term seat to fill the remainder of Larry White’s term. This individual will serve from the validation of the election at the October 2017 Board of Directors meeting until 31 December 2018.

Nominations may be made by e-mailing You must be a current member to nominate and the nominee must also be a current member. You may nominate yourself.  Nominations are due by 5 pm on 15 August 2017. The election will be held at the Dragonflight convention, 25-27 August, 2017. Ballots will also be available at Metro Seattle Gamers for the week leading up to the convention. The nominee must specify whether they wish to run for the 3 year term or the one-year term. A candidate cannot run for both.

Each seat will be filled by the candidate receiving the most votes for that position. All results will be certified by the Board of Directors at the October 2017 Board Meeting.

Candidates may submit personal information and their proposals for Dragonflight (length 400 words) for publication with the ballot for distribution to the membership.