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Play And Win Games

At this year’s convention, we have a number of games, brand-new in the box that you can Play and Win.  How does Play and Win work?  It’s really simple!  Sign up and play the game. When the game is done and the game is returned, everyone who played will receive a raffle ticket to win that game. There will be a drawing to determine who will take the game home.

Below is a list of games available, as well as a link to gameplay on YouTube.

Adrenaline: First Person Shooter Boardgame Play and Win
Batman Fluxx: Play and Win
Chrononauts: Card Game of Time Travel Play and Win
Codenames Pictures: Picture Party Game Play and Win
Codenames: Word Party Game Play and Win
Euphoria Build A Better Dystopia Play and Win
Kill Doctor Lucky Play and Win
Scythe: 4x Game in Alternate History Play and Win
Tak: A Kingkiller Chronicle Game Play and Win
Unexploded Cow: Mad cows and unexploded bombs Play and Win
Viticulture: Worker Placement Tuscan Vineeyard Play and Win


Dragonflight Board of Directors election

Candidate electioneering is prohibited at the registration desk or within ten (10) feet of the ballot box

Last year there was electioneering in and around the registration desk, this could be perceived as official support for a particular candidate. Dragonflight as an organization does not support any candidate except by a specific Board action at an open meeting. The registration area and the ballot box are to be considered neutral territory and the wearing of tee shirts, pins, hats or other candidate support items is to be avoided by registration staff while on duty at the registration desk. The placement of signs or other candidate advocacy materials other than the official submitted candidate statement is not allowed at the registration desk or within ten (10) feet of the ballot box.